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Calisthenics is one of the oldest known forms of exercise; it involves moving the body through space in a variety of different planes. It literally means “naked beauty” in ancient Greek, and is a very simple, effective, primal method of physical training. It also has the added advantage of not requiring lots of expensive equipment

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Ligament Injuries: Common Basketball Injuries, Prevention and Treatment. Series 4

What is a Knee Ligament? A ligament is a short band of tough fibrous connective tissue composed mainly of long, stringy collagen molecules. Ligaments connect bones to other bones in and around joints. They do not connect muscles to bones; that is the function of tendons. Ligaments limit the amount of mobility of a joint,

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Groin Strain: Common Basketball Injuries, Prevention and Treatment. Series 3

What Causes Groin Pain? Groin pain is commonly caused by a groin strain, groin hernia or other groin injury. What is a Groin Strain? A groin strain is a muscular tear or rupture to any one of your groin muscles; usually one of the hip adductor muscle group. Your body has five adductor muscles: adductor

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Basketball Injuries, Prevention and Treatment. Series 2 : ANTERIOR ANKLE IMPINGEMENT

What is Anterior Ankle Impingement? Anterior Ankle Impingement is a condition where an individual experiences pain at the front of the ankle, due to compression of the bony or soft tissue structures during activities that involve maximal ankle dorsiflexion motion. It can be also known as: Ankle Impingement Anterior Impingement Syndrome Anterior Impingement of the

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Common Basketball Injuries, Prevention and Treatment: Series 1

Basketball is one among the most popular sports in the world. Millions of people participate in the sport at all levels of competition. Whether you are playing for the neighborhood championship, DSTV League or the NBA title, you can get injured. Basketball injuries can be separated into two general categories: overuse injuries and traumatic injuries.

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